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Dynamic lines form as the result of repetitive movements such as laughing, smiling, squinting, and frowning and become more entrenched as the years pass. Our treatments of BOTOX and Dysport in Redwood City are non-surgical injectables that help to smooth away these pesky wrinkles and restore a more relaxed, well-rested countenance that telegraphs youthfulness and vitality.  

BOTOX Patient Testimonial

Our patients say it best! Lisa talks about her non-surgical treatments of Botox, Under Eye Filler and Thermage with both Dr. Jacqueline Cheng and Dr. Elbert Cheng. Honey talks about her Facelift and Neck Lift surgery with Dr. Elbert Cheng. Linda talks about her Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery and Lip Lift with Dr. Elbert Cheng.

Elegant, PersonalizedResults Every Time

At Skin Love MedSpa, we provide patients with seamlessly organic-looking outcomes that celebrate their innate attractiveness while working to rewind the hands of time. Your facial spontaneity and individuality are always preserved, thanks to our skilled, meticulously detailed practitioners, and their expertise with BOTOX and Dysport in Redwood City. 

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What are BOTOX and Dysport?

BOTOX and Dysport are neuromodulators that, when injected, temporarily smooth out dynamic lines that form as a result of repetitive facial contractions.

These lines can alter the facial expression, making one appear tired, sad, or angry, even when in the best of spirits. With no anesthesia, incisions, downtime, or discomfort, BOTOX in Redwood City can revitalize your look for up to 5 months. 

How Do Neuromodulators Work?

BOTOX and Dysport are made with botulinum toxin type A, a compound that temporarily blocks the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This tells the brain to soften and relax certain contracting muscles, providing optimal cosmetic benefits for those struggling with dynamic facial lines. BOTOX and Dysport do not create any permanent changes, however. Once their effects wear off in around 3-5 months, the wrinkles that were there before simply return.

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What Cosmetic Concerns Can be Addressed with BOTOX and Dysport?

  • Crow’s feet
  • Glabellar “11” lines between the brows
  • Horizontal forehead creases
  • Frown lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Chin dimples
  • Neck bands

Medical Uses for BOTOX in Redwood City

  • Cervical dystonia — Contraction and twisting of the neck muscles
  • Lazy eye — Failure of the muscles that control eye position
  • Cerebral palsy — Muscles contract the limbs towards the core
  • Hyperhidrosis — Excessive perspiration caused by overactive sweat glands
  • Chronic migraines — Intense headaches that can be debilitating
  • Bladder dysfunction — Urinary incontinence caused by an overactive bladder
  • Eye twitching — Repetitive,involuntary movements in the muscles surrounding the eyes

What is the Difference Between BOTOX and Dysport?

BOTOX and Dysport can both achieve remarkable anti-aging results that last 3-5 months. Some patients see their initial changes faster with Dysport, usually within 2-3 days, whereas with BOTOX it may take up to one week.

BOTOX in Redwood City is around 3 times as potent as Dysport, meaning more Dysport is required to achieve the same results as BOTOX. The price of Dysport injections is typically lower than for BOTOX, however, so the tradeoff is well-managed.

What are the Benefits of BOTOX?

  • Safe, non-surgical, and FDA-approved
  • No anesthesia or discomfort
  • No recovery time
  • Creates a more youthful, inviting facial expression
  • Smooths away dynamic lines and creases
  • Boosts self-image
  • Results last 3-5 months
  • Can be paired with dermal fillers for a non-invasive facelift
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Who is an Ideal Candidate for Neuromodulators?

Good candidates for BOTOX and Dysport are over 18 and are seeking a safe, non-invasive option for reducing stubborn wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. They may wish to refresh their appearance but are not yet ready for a plastic surgery procedure that comes with lengthy downtime.

Patients should not be pregnant or nursing and should not have any allergies to any ingredients in neuromodulators. As with any cosmetic treatment, clients should be mentally and physically healthy in order to undergo their injections of Dysport in Redwood City, and they should have realistic expectations for their results.

What can I expect during my treatment?

To ensure your total comfort throughout your session, our practitioners can numb your skin prior to your injections. An ultra-fine needle is then used to administer the BOTOX or Dysport strategically at carefully chosen points unique to your facial structure. Most patients report a barely noticeable sting as the needle goes in and out but no other discomfort or pain. Once your injections are complete, you are free to immediately return to work, school, shopping, or other normal activities.

What happens after my session?

There is no downtime after treatments of Dysport or BOTOX in Redwood City. This is one of the greatest benefits of neuromodulators. There are few side effects, either, although clients may experience minor swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the injection sites.

You are advised to avoid excessive heat and strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours, and you should refrain from touching, rubbing, or scratching your face to prevent the product from migrating to an unintended area.

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Elbert Cheng, MD
Jacqueline Cheng, MD

Why Choose Skin Love MedSpa for BOTOX?

Our providers at Skin Love MedSpa have been trained directly under Dr. Elbert Cheng and Dr. Jacqueline Cheng, both double board-certified facial plastic surgeons and ENTs, offering consummate artistry that maximizes your safety and satisfaction with your results.

At Skin Love MedSpa in Redwood City, patients experience state-of-the-art rejuvenation in a cutting-edge setting, enjoying a wide range of luxury skincare treatments that are perfectly tailored to their unique requirements and preferences. Through minimally invasive options that enhance natural beauty, clients feel more empowered and self-confident. Skin Love MedSpa now treats patients for BOTOX & Dysport in Palo Alto, San Mateo, and Redwood City, CA.

BOTOX & Dysport FAQs: 

Is Botox permanent?

Does Botox hurt?

How long does a Botox treatment session take?

Can Botox be combined with other cosmetic treatments?

Is Dysport permanent?

When will I see results after Dysport injections?

Is Botox permanent?

No, Botox is not permanent. The effects typically last for several months, usually around 3 to 4 months. As the effects wear off, muscle contractions and wrinkles gradually return.

Does Botox hurt?

Botox injections are usually well-tolerated and cause minimal discomfort. Some people may feel a slight pinch or prick during the injection, but the procedure is generally not very painful.

How long does a Botox treatment session take?

A Botox treatment session is usually quick, often lasting around 10 to 15 minutes. The exact time can vary based on the number of areas being treated.

Can Botox be combined with other cosmetic treatments?

Yes, Botox can be combined with other cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, or laser therapy to achieve more comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Is Dysport permanent?

No, Dysport is not permanent. The effects typically last for several months, usually around 3 to 4 months. Over time, the effects wear off, and muscle contractions and wrinkles may gradually return.

When will I see results after Dysport injections?

Most people start to see the effects of Dysport within a few days, with the full results becoming visible within 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment.

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